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Title: Change Album Length from mmm:ss Format to hh:mm:ss Format
Post by: doobydiper on December 27, 2021, 06:58:15 AM
Hello all!
I found this post ( from 2017 that describes what I'm looking for perfectly. Basically, my library is full of audiobooks that are hours long and their track lengths are unfortunately formatted as mmm:ss, (so a 2 hour 10 minute 30 second track becomes 130:30). I would rather have it formatted as hh:mm:ss (2:10:30), like it at the bottom of the screen when you play a track. In the post I linked, Steven replied in April of 2020 that this would be an added feature in ver. 3.4, but I haven't seen any instructions on how to make this change. I was wondering if it was in fact added and if anyone knows how to access and configure this option. Thanks for any help!
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