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Title: android wifi sync failures
Post by: tsheils on February 20, 2021, 07:45:30 PM
I have been unable to wifi sync my moto g7 phone (android 10) from 3.3.7491to Gone Mad Music even though I have authorized wifi sync in MB and have synced the device via cable before.  I have all of my music included in 15 playlists (of approx 6600 songs).  

Today, I tried the wifi sync a couple of times and it always stops, sharing various errors that are listed below.  
I tried doing it two way sync with only the ratings done on the phone to move to the computer, and only the playlists (or only the music library without anything else) to move to the phone from the computer.

I'm at a loss.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

2021-02-20: moto g(7);  10;  2.1
10:17:47: sendStats: /storage/emulated/0/gmmp/stats.xml: open failed: EACCES (Permission denied)
11:10:39: receiveLoop: Read timed out
11:10:39: receiveFile: Error reading file: file=Music/The Velvet Underground/High Fidelity/1-04 - Oh! Sweet Nothin'.m4a
11:10:40: tryStart0: Error reading file
11:10:43: tryStart: failed to connect to / (port 27304) from / (port 49196) after 10000ms: isConnected failed: EHOSTUNREACH (No route to host)
Title: Re: android wifi sync failures
Post by: phred on February 20, 2021, 07:55:30 PM
Have you been able to do a wired (USB) sync to that device? If you haven't tried, please do so. All you need to do is a preview. You don't need to actually sync any files. Once the preview has completed, disconnect the device and try a WiFi sync.