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Title: use "row padding" settings more widely accross the layout
Post by: Ottodix on September 14, 2020, 09:47:28 PM

A suggestion: this row padding settings is a good thing, but could it be possible to use it in the tab bar too? It's the only thing which bother me in musicbee, the lack of consistent padding. Here is a little animation showing how this tab bar height should be enlarged in my option, to make look less compressed

The header menu of each section (left column, main panel, right column) could be less compressed too.

And lastly, (but it's not related to the row padding) the top margin of the cover grid is almost inexistant, isn't consistant with the space between covers. It doesn't change according to the size and space between covers, it look like it's a fixed value. It should be equal to the horizontal space between 2 covers

Tiny details, but which make a difference in term of harmony