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Title: Vorbis tags for flac - Comprehensive list?
Post by: CritterMan on May 29, 2016, 10:47:43 PM
I've searched as thoroughly as I could, but could not find a comprehensive list of all tag fields that MusicBee natively reads from, writes to, or otherwise makes use of.  I searched the web and tested with temporary tracks to identify as many tags as I could using my all-flac library and MB v3.0.5977. Obviously, this list does not include the infinite possibilities that can be created using custom tag fields. My goal was to define all of the tags that MB supports out of the box, so to speak. I post this in the hope that someone else has a comprehensive list they'd like to share that perhaps has additional tags that are used in some way by MB.

Tag  -  Label

Edit Window

ALBUM            Album
ALBUMARTISTSORT         Sort Album Artist
ARTIST            Artist
ARTISTSORT         Sort Artist
BPM            BPM
COMMENT            Comments
COMPILATION         iTunes Compilation (Checkbox toggles 0 or 1)
COMPOSER         Composer
CONDUCTOR         Conductor
CONTENTGROUP         Grouping
DATE            Year
DISCNUMBER         Disc#
DISPLAY ARTIST         Display Artist
ENCODER            Encoded With
GENRE            Genre
KEYWORDS         Keywords
LYRICIST         Lyricist
LYRICS            Synced Lyrics
MOOD            Mood
OCCASION         Occaision
ORGANIZATION         Publisher
ORIGIN WEBSITE         Origin
QUALITY            Quality
TEMPO            Tempo
TITLE            Track Title
TOTALDISCS         Disc Count
TOTALTRACKS         Track Count
TRACKNUMBER         Track#
UNSYNCEDLYRICS         Unsynced Lyrics
YEAR            Year (Treated the same as DATE)

Predefined Custom Tags

ALBUMSORT         Album Sort-Order
COMPOSERSORT         Composer Sort-Order
COPYRIGHT         Copyright
ENCODER SETTINGS      Encoder Settings
ENCODINGTIME         Encoding Time
FILEOWNER         File Owner
FILETYPE         File Type
INITIAL KEY         Initial Key
INVOLVEDPEOPLELIST      Involved People List
ISRC            ISRC
COMPILATION         iTunes Compilation (Values are 0 or 1)
LANGUAGE         Language
LOCATION         Location
SOURCE MEDIUM         Media Type
MIXARTIST         Mix Artist
MUSICIANCREDITSLIST      Musician Credits List
NET RADIO OWNER         Net Radio Owner
NET RADIO STATION      Net Radio Station
ORIGALBUM         Original Album
ORIGARTIST         Original Artist
ORIGFILENAME         Original Filename
ORIGLYRICIST         Original Lyricist
ORIGYEAR         Original Year
RELEASETIME         Release Time
SETSUBTITLE         Set Subtitle
SUBTITLE         Subtitle
TITLESORT         Title Sort-Order
WWWARTIST         WWW Artist
WWWAUDIOFILE         WWW Audio File
WWWCOPYRIGHT         WWW Copyright
WWWPUBLISHER         WWW Publisher
WWWRADIO         WWW Radio Page