FlatUI Dark FlatUI for MusicBee with 7 Dark Flat Colors. April 28, 2018, 5:43 am http://getmusicbee.com/forum/index.php?topic=18475.0 TerrorFlatRider,FlatUI,Dark http://i.imgur.com/dMnGLXN.jpg https://getmusicbee.com/out/?type=addon&id=70&r=http%3A%2F%2Fterrorflatrider.com%2Fflatui-dark-skin%2F 1.0.10 MusicBee 3 Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ 11 Add-ons Skins MusicBee

FlatUI Dark


by TerrorFlatRider

Supports Minimum MusicBee 3

FlatUI for MusicBee with 7 Dark Flat Colors.


The Skins are optimized so everyone can change the main colors. It's very simple.

  • You need a Code Editor like Notepad++ or Notepad.
  • Open the XML File and on top you will find the variables section
  • Just change Color="149,33,177" and DarkColor="100,10,100" values in every RGB color you prefer.
  • Save and enjoy!
Name FlatUI Dark
Author TerrorFlatRider
Version 1.0.10
Category Skins
Published on October 12, 2016
Updated on April 28, 2018, 5:43 am
Supports Minimum MusicBee 3
TerrorFlatRider FlatUI Dark

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