Sample Skin This is not intended as an end-user skin, bus as a skinning tool. (read the 'read me' note) June 11, 2022, 2:34 am 1.0 MusicBee 3 Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ 11 Add-ons Skins MusicBee

Sample Skin


by hiccup

Supports Minimum MusicBee 3

This is not intended as an end-user skin, bus as a skinning tool. (read the 'read me' note)


What is this?

It is a MusicBee skin, but it's not intended as an end-user skin, but as a tool for both novice and experiences skinners.

Every colour appearing in this skin is unique and used only once.
This makes it possible to 'eye-drop' or 'color-pick' any part of the skin, and then use that rgb value to easily locate the corresponding element in the skin xml for it.

It was inspired by the great 'dummy skin' by lminente, but since that one had a rather short lifespan and wasn't updated, I created my own personal version a while back. But it was not very complete or fully reliable, so I never shared it.

But recently I managed to complete it and more thoroughly test it, and by now it works quite well. So I thought to publish it.

Apart from the 'colour-picking' feature, there are some other features to be aware of, or that could be made use of:

  • It has been stripped of all obsolete and pre- MB v3 elements I could find.
  • It should contain all elements up to the most recent MusicBee version (currently 3.1.6399)

This means it's also intended as some sort of a reference skin. So if you find elements in your own skin that are not in this one, my intention is that it should be safe for you to remove those elements from your skin. And so preventing wasting time on dis-functional and obsolete elements.
But of course, removing such elements is at your own risk. That this works well for me, doesn't mean it's 100% reliable. And if you need full backwards compatibility with MB v2.x it's probably wise not to touch those at all.

  • It should be quite reliable in relation to the presence or absence of 'fg', 'bg', 'bdr' attributes for each element.
    (although I can not guarantee this, since this is not very well documented anywhere)

  • Even-though all elements in this skin were matched against the list of elements that Steven recently provided, I couldn't get a lot of them working.
    This could be either because I missed some spots, because they are just obsolete, or perhaps because they are there for backward compatibility with pre- MB v3.0 skins.
    I have given all those elements the rgb value of '0,255,0'. It might be safe to remove those elements from your own skins. (e.g. in case you have no interest in supporting pre- MB v3 versions)
    But also here, do that at your own risk. I can't guarantee for 100% that they are obsolete or disfunctional.

  • Even-though this skin is made up with some 'fantasy colour' design, it is very functional.
    It's probably even more useful than most other skins to get a view and a sense of what would be possible to adjust or create by skinning, and will also give a good sense of 'how things work' with all these elements.


Name Sample Skin
Author hiccup
Version 1.0
Category Skins
Published on July 9, 2017
Updated on June 11, 2022, 2:34 am
Supports Minimum MusicBee 3

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