Subsonic Client Stream your music from your Subsonic compatible server to MusicBee. Set Star/Love and Rating tags between the two platforms. February 18, 2019, 12:10 pm subsonic,libresonic,madsonic,airsonic v2.25 MusicBee 3 Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ 11 Add-ons Plugins MusicBee

Subsonic Client


by MiDWaN

Supports Minimum MusicBee 3

Stream your music from your Subsonic compatible server to MusicBee. Set Star/Love and Rating tags between the two platforms.



With this plugin MusicBee acts as a Subsonic player. In simple terms, that means that you can use MusicBee to stream your music from a Subsonic server you have access to (for example, a home server you setup or a friend's server you have access to, etc). You will need to have a Subsonic server somewhere of course, for this to work. :)

Subsonic ( is a free streaming media server that you can install and have it manage your collection. You can access that collection using multiple "players", including a web front-end (which comes with Subsonic), smartphone players (e.g. Android, iPhone), and desktop ones. With this plugin, MusicBee also gets this functionality added.

Based on the original work by Steven Mayall. The code was converted from VB.NET to C# with the aim to to futher develop, the plugin, since Steven did not wish to continue working on it.

Any bugs or improvement suggestions can be reported in the Issues section of the Github page.


  • MusicBee (v2.x or 3.x) - get it from
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 - normally delivered through Windows Update automatically
  • Subsonic/LibreSonic/MadSonic server (tested with v5.x and 6.x) - more information at


  • Download the latest binary file from the Releases section.
  • Extract the archive and copy the DLL file in your MusicBee "plugins" folder (the default is "C:\Program Files (x86)\MusicBee\Plugins\").
  • (Re)start MusicBee.
  • Go to Preferences -> Plugins to configure it to connect to your Subsonic server.


You will find the configuration section in MusicBee's "Preferences" window -> Plugins. Since v2.20 the Plugin has its own configuration window that opens up from there.

The necessary information you need to provide is "Hostname", "Port", "Username" and "Password". You can optionally specify a "Path" as well, if your Subsonic server needs one. Otherwise the default "/" will be used.

If you have Caching enabled:
Please note that the first time it connects, it will scan through your collection and create a local cache. This operation might take a while (depending on the size of your collection and the network speed) during which you won't be able to see anything in the Subsonic node. Please be patient. :)

After the process is complete, you may have to hit F5 to refresh the page manually and see all the tracks.

Name Subsonic Client
Author MiDWaN
Version v2.25
Category Plugins
Published on August 24, 2016
Updated on February 18, 2019, 12:10 pm
Supports Minimum MusicBee 3
subsonic libresonic madsonic airsonic

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