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Questions / How to play the same playlist continuously?
Last post by OldGrantonian on Today at 10:21:06 AM   |  Started by OldGrantonian
How do I play the same playlist continuously? In other words, after the last tune is played, the first tune is replayed, and so on.

I looked in Edit > Preferences > Now Playing

I used the instructions given here:

I would be grateful for any advice.

Bug Reports / Questions about Upcoming Tracks
Last post by klint on Today at 10:08:39 AM   |  Started by klint
First, thanks for implementing this feature :)

1) Maybe not a bug, but I just wanted to know whether the display of positions in orange icons is intended, and what is the rationale behind (some have, some haven't)?


2) Also, on the contrary to Now Playing list, there is no way to change to current playing list by double clicking on an upcoming track. The right click option works thought. And maybe this is better to avoid changes by accident, and could also be applied to Now Playing list?

3) And last, when trying to drag and drop the CURRENT playing track to the future (dont' know exactly what for though), I get the following error:

MusicBee v3.1.6260.39976 (Win6.1), 21 févr. 2017 11:06:

System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
   at #=qCe$4FHRc3flKjDTMXg7j5igXKozMesFkzkqgnQHqUnawSEtc2D9F_uO5A3eKaM0h.#=qy$nlFpLIoZqMS$Whkot3Mf2pNOnh9f3JyPydLjsiQPM=(Int32[] #=qFIvOUns9tAZJYPjr4i2Q4g==, Int32 #=q4QX4aeC6bGw7VaiAv4KvGw==)
   at MusicBee.Media.PlayManager.#=qS7w7SFDgVGT6P7H2Ha1v0b$FLk5CChEoatA9FOQoZyM=(Int32[] #=q6JgklZ50JZ7spJ54JOhIKQ==, Int32 #=q0AmW13kXF6rab1f$9QLE3A==)
   at #=qxj8aoSN2Pm5u5fv2mekgZUuWYWf34t212TLPqZ_Ucxw=.#=qqYCag$ce7Pu3he3O7ckz97zBtVDDxK03PxaWZB1YKQg=.#=q9EsnpqgZPETKSI1JEsoVaSPfYmwon2PSSnjOo_XdqPc=._Lambda$__0(List`1 #=qt8XxmsYXpRH$dSzq8jD8yA==)

Questions / Re: locating songs in windows explorer
Last post by CritterMan on Today at 09:00:14 AM   |  Started by StahpTouchinMeh
To my knowledge, you can only locate one file at a time. Each selected file would need to be found one at a time, so if you had your entire library selected and tried to find them all you would tie up your computer with this task for a very long time with no way to cancel it. Plus, you'd have a new window for every single file found. Windows API limitation, if I'm not mistaken.
MusicBee API / Re: API request
Last post by boroda74 on Today at 08:09:33 AM   |  Started by boroda74
actually function syntax should be not $CustomFunc("plugin id", "preset name", <URL>), but $CustomFunc("plugin id", "preset name") because track url must transfered to plugin always and automatically.
MusicBee API / Re: API request
Last post by boroda74 on Today at 07:54:27 AM   |  Started by boroda74
just so i am clear you want to define some function eg. $FirstChar(<field>) which returns the first character of the field and the user can include $FirstChar in a virtual tag ?
not at all. i think any custom function parameters (except for track url) are useless for MY purposes as neither ASR not ALR cant accept anything. all possible parameters are defined in respective presets. i mean something like: $CustomFunc("plugin id", "preset name", <URL>) where "preset name" is just a string internal for plugin and "plugin id" is either plugin name displayed in 'plugins' section of mb prefs or some new string in "about" structure, which plugin returns from Initialise() function.
Questions / Re: Post nur für deutsches Forum?
Last post by ArGee on Today at 07:50:48 AM   |  Started by ArGee
OK and thank you.
Plugins / Re: Additional Tagging and Reporting Tools
Last post by boroda74 on Today at 07:36:34 AM   |  Started by boroda74
Sorry, I've been behind!  I just tested out the new confirmation setting.  I'm not sure how it's supposed to work.  When a setting is ticked for auto-apply, you have to also tick the confirmation setting?  Otherwise it behaves as before, and goes straight to auto-apply?
if preset is not ticked for auto-applying then it it doesn't matter if confirmation option is ticked or not. also confirmation option does nothing when you manually apply preset.
Plugins / Re: Additional Tagging and Reporting Tools
Last post by boroda74 on Today at 07:34:02 AM   |  Started by boroda74

can't reproduce this bug.

try this plugin version:

i need to know if error window (not confirmation dialog) with text "null!" will pop up for you.
Last post by psychoadept on Today at 07:23:38 AM   |  Started by el_hueverin
De nada, buena suerte!
Skins / Re: decompile bitmap skins
Last post by Tommy on Today at 06:51:00 AM   |  Started by Bee-liever
....... thanks for your replies.

I did get the sources for DarkRed after I contacted endeavour1934 via p.m. but without the SkinCreator.exe.

Just the images, the skin.xml and DarkRED Flat.xml.

The files I got from hiccup contained the same SkinCreators I already got, but I still do appreciate the effort.

Just wondering why the SkinCreator is not officially available for download anymore.

Any particular reason for that ?

Anyway, I think I've got enough to play around a little, just created a complete player icon set which I'm going to implement now.

Would be great if one could use SVG files, but PNG's are fine as well.

Like the MusicBee player a lot compared to Foobar2000 which I was using before.

Thanks again and I definitely will be back seeking some advise from you guys .......
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