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Plugins / Re: Xbox Music
Last post by mythichelm on Today at 07:10:02 AM   |  Started by Steven
Hi Steven, I'm wondering if you'd be able to answer a question from my earlier post. I'll ask again in case you missed it.

I noticed you can add the Groove tracks to your inbox/library playlists and they behave the same as local files (from what I can tell). Does the current plugin API support this? If so, how is this done? I'd really like to know how to create an entry in the library that is actually a link to a streaming service.

Bug Reports / Re: Search internet for picture not saving results to albums
Last post by Steven on Today at 07:06:30 AM   |  Started by xtreme1
- Can you post a screenshot of the artwork storage settings in Tags(1) or let me know which locations are ticked.
- confirm the files you tried have no existing artwork
Bug Reports / Re: Search internet for picture not saving results to albums
Last post by xtreme1 on Today at 06:47:52 AM   |  Started by xtreme1

Image Sequence:
1. Select multiple, search internet.
2. Get Auto-Tag popup. No option to checkbox all on right, all are unchecked. Same result whether I check any/all/none, then click proceed.
3. Notice auto tag is complete at bottom, NO UPDATES. Tags(1) included, though it doesn't say (1), is this the spot you wanted to see?
4. Go to tools, Artwork downloader. All are deselcted by default, notice it says status: image already downloaded. But i have no way of telling what that image is. It says image already downloaded EVEN IF I've never tried to download the art for the album.
5. about info, normal mp3 files, nothing special.
Unpictured: if i select only one album, it will allow me to pick an image and it properly shows the image for the album.
Questions / Playlists - Playlist manager - delete Library section
Last post by tommik on Today at 06:45:11 AM   |  Started by tommik
Is it possible to get rid of Library items being displayed in Playlist manager (see the picture below). I would like to show only Playlists and nothing more in this frame. For example there is a Audiobooks selection and I do not use any audiobooks at all.

Bug Reports / Playlist manager frame display/drawing issues when player launched
Last post by tommik on Today at 06:31:28 AM   |  Started by tommik
When the playlist manager is to be loaded as a default tab (Playlists tab) there is some sort of issue that the frame draws over the bottom and right areas (see the picture below). Selecting a different tab and switching back or resizing the vertical bars solves it. But it would be good if this did not happen. From the tabs I have it is only the Playlists tab that has this issue (Music, Now playing, History, Playlists). Happens on all skins I have tried (I am using WMP12 blue skin). Not sure if it is an issue with my system only but it is fully installed with the provided drivers (Windows 7 32bit, Intel GMA X4500 GPU).
Bug Reports / Re: Xbox Music Random Error
Last post by KingBee on Today at 06:18:54 AM   |  Started by KingBee
Yeah, I used to use this and I've come back came back to the hive and wondered if it had any new raw honey in the music explorer/xbox music honeycomb. Just wanted to report it seeing as how it seemed like a, potentially easily noticeable thing that a user would have to look at, as an eyesore. Noted. Thanks. Love this software, and keep up the beez neez.
Would it be possible to add an option to launch external programs like virtual keyboard in full screen mode? Also adding an option to shut the system down or sign off would be very useful in this mode. As for the virtual keyboard - it might even be a feature inside Music Bee itself...
Questions / No smooth fading when skipping to next track
Last post by tommik on Today at 06:09:10 AM   |  Started by tommik
I have found out that there is no smooth fading when I click on Skip to next track button. But smooth fading works when I click on Skip to previous track. Is this intentional? Also it works when double clicking a selection in a list, so it is only that skip to next track button that does not have smooth fading applied.
Bug Reports / Music Bee does not switch to full screen locked down mode immediately
Last post by tommik on Today at 06:05:21 AM   |  Started by tommik
I have found out that the player does not switch to full screen mode immediately after I set it to locked down mode (with the option full screen mode (switching to other applications disabled)). I have found out that I first have to right click on the task bar and switch it to either compact or mini player and then switch back to normal - and now it is in full screen. Windows 7 32bit, Intel GMA X4500 GPU.
I have found out that even after locking down the player there are still some options available which I would rather lock as well. For example I do not want the users to change replay gain playback settings but they can easily do it through Controls menu. I would like to hide these options (Replay gain off, Smart gain, Track gain only, Album gain only). Applies to other elements as well (like Equalizer, DSP Effects, Arrange panels button...).
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